Stylized Unicorn Photo Session | January 2017

Stylized Unicorn Photo session

One of my favorite things to photograph are stylized sessions. In January of 2017, I kicked off the New Year with an amazing Stylized unicorn photo session up in Franktown, Colorado. I always feel like Franktown is so much different than where I usually photograph at. Being a South Aurora photographer is amazing; Colorado is so beautiful! But I do love stepping out of the rolling wheat grass fields in South Denver area, and into the evergreen trees and mountainous terrain that Franktown offers.
Stylized sessions are something that I’ve enjoyed offering with Kelly A. Read Photography within the past couple years. They are fun, because you (as parents and clients) don’t have to worry about finding the perfect outfit for the photos. I supply the outfits and props, and you supply your cute kid! I love doing stylized mini photo sessions, because most parents don’t need an entire hour long session of their child for a whimsical photo shoot. I stagger the clients back to back, and am able to offer a smaller, discounted session. This year, I even had an assistant come along with me, so we could save some time and she could help with costumes, as well as save me lots of back and forth. She also stood by as another safety spotter for the children too, as we were working with a real horse (I mean, unicorn!)

This is the second year in a row that we’ve used Sunny the horse. He’s very gentle and patient with the children- and he doesn’t mind being transformed into a beautiful white unicorn! As a safety precaution, Sunny was actually harnessed the entire time, however, with some editing “magic” he looks like a wild unicorn! It ended up actually snowing the day of the Stylized Unicorn Photo session, which meant a very cold day for this South Aurora photographer and her trust assistant. We kept warm by using many pocket hand warmers. I also love ending each Stylized Unicorn Photo session with some photos of the kids standing in the horse pasture. I think it looks just like a beautiful photo of a snow queen.

We had so much fun with our annual Stylized Unicorn Photo session, and can’t wait to do it again in the future. I hope you enjoy some of my favorite photos from this mini session.

Stylized Unicorn Photo session

Stylized Unicorn Photo sessionStylized Unicorn Photo session


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